Exclusive Frame Collections

The West Valley Vision Center provides the finest collections of eyewear products in for every lifestyle. You will find the latest in fashion, color and materials together with exclusive designer creations. All of our eyewear comes with a one or two year warranty. If a frame is defective or damaged beyond normal wear, we will replace it at no cost to you.

West Valley Vision Center has this season's latest designer eye glass collections from all leading brands, including Coach, Tiffany, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Ray Ban, Oakley, Carrera, Flexon, Vera Wang, and more.

Update your look by choosing from our exciting new designer frame collections.


You'll find the very latest fashions in store, from lightweight titanium frames, to more traditional gold or silver metal and also a fantastic range of coloured plastic frames. Classic styles are also available for ladies and gentlemen who prefer more traditional frame shapes.

Contact Lenses

West Valley Vision Center offers a wide range of contact lenses including daily, two-week, and monthly that are available as soft disposable lenses or gas permeable lenses. We also fit multifocal contacts as well as fashionable colored lenses.

We will be able to assist you in making the correct choice to suit your individual needs.

Weekly and Monthly Disposable Lenses

Both a two-week replacement as well as monthly replacement lens are a very popular choice. They offer the benefits and the comfort of a soft lens as well as being cost effective since one pair lasts either two weeks or one month. There are a variety of these contact lenses that are fit according to a patients individual and specific needs.

Contacts for Astigmatism

With new advances in technology, we can now help people with astigmatism. The new technology has helped improve the comfort and clarity of these lenses. These specialty lenses help to compensate for the shape of the eye and are available in both a two week and monthly replacement schedule. These lenses are custom fit according to the patients individual needs

Continuous or Extended Wear

If you are in search of 24 hour vision, continuous wear contact lenses are the answer. The constant development of advanced and safer lens material has led to lenses, which can be worn continually for up to a month at a time, day and night, before being disposed of. Only wear your lenses on a continuous basis if instructed by your doctor.

Colored Contact Lenses

This type of contact lens is becoming more fashionable both for corrective and purely cosmetic purposes. There are a wide range of colored lenses which can enhance and/or change the color of your eyes. If you want a completely different look, these are for you.

Multifocal/Bifocal Contacts

Mulitfocal lenses are designed to help with presbyopia (ones inability to focus at near). They allow an individual the ability to see clearly in both the distance as well as near. They are available as a monthly replacement schedule and come in a soft contact lens form. These lenses are great for the bifocal wearer. The doctor will assess your prescription and determine if you are a good candidate for mulitifocal lens wear.

Gas Permeable Contacts

These lenses are designed to allow oxygen into the eyes. They can be used to correct a number of eye conditions, including: presbyopia, astigmatism, extreme near or far sightedness and keratoconus. They provide the individual with clear vision and increased eye health. Individuals often note better vision with theses lenses than they do with soft disposable lenses.